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Can an update be made to eliminate the Pro 3 Floodlight auto shut off if manually turned on?

I have the flood light and when in my backyard I use the light to see. When I manually turn the light on it will auto shut off after after 20 minutes to preserve battery life. I would like to have the option to leave it on until I manually shut it off or until the battery dies. It’s frustrating to have it turn off and then I’m in the dark until I turn it back on for another 20 minutes.

I’d like to add onto this. Let’s say you are using the outdoor magnetic power cable (or not even), a nice update I’d like to see is for some options for it to act like a regular floodlight. For example, have a setting where the flood light stays on from dusk to dawn, turns on at dusk and stays on for say 3 or 6 hours. Besides being able to change how long it stays on, in parallel modifying the Lumens so that the light can maybe operate at a lower value to act as an accent light all the way up to full brightest if one desires.  Things like this would be a great addition I believe.  Hope others here agree. 


Hi. Anything further from Arlo on this?