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Call box/ entry door intercom

I would like to make a suggestion for an accompanying product to your arlo pro camera. A wireless rechargeable intercom box that is weatherproof, attaches anywhere, and works through the system itself via wifi. It could trigger the arlo app to allow someone to talk to a persons mobile device and interact through the cam such as a delivery person dropping off a package etc.. or just anyone. Maybe even create one with its own camera and/or monitor that allows a persons phone camera (app controlled) to interact. Scenario: a relative comes to surprise visit, but a person is not home. They hit the intercom, it triggers the phone, they converse, and one relative tells the other how to get into the house so they can wait for the other to get home.. etc..
just a scenario.

Oh, and hopefully in REAL TIME WITH NO LAG! Security is good as real time would be more appreciated.


I thought I had read that these cameras already had this ability.  Now that I have just set mine up, it looks like they don't.  The cameras already have microphones and a speaker, so it would seem the necessary hardware is present.  If software could add intercom abilities to the hardware, it would be perfect; otherwise a supplemental intercom addon would be just right.


Let's say someone is at my house and I get an alert.  They happen to be someone that I want to talk to right away...  "Don't leave the package there, leave it at the side door," or "get off my property."  Even if there is some lag, it's OK, as this feature alone would be awesome.


Another example...  Let's say my kids are at home without me, and there is an emergency.  They could press a button on an intercom unit (or on the base station), it would alert my phone, and I could interact with them thru the Arlo system.


This new addition would be far more useful than the LED spotlight coming in the spring.  Please prioritize this new solution, Netgear.


There was first the Doorbell (Audio only)
Then there was the Doorbell With Camera

Now introducing? the Doorbell with Camera & Screen. Arlo Door Intercom.
To be a professional looking clean intercom system.

Netgear Arlo team, I know you guys can think of something to go into the ecosystem.

I still want a keypad, my wife doesn't like using the app, a traditional keypad to arm the house would be great.

Keep on keepin' on.