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CVR to local storage

I'd like to request that the Arlo Q Plus CVR be stored locally rather than the cloud.  ISP's are placing bandwidth caps on most of their services now and I can see CVR to the cloud for a bunch of cameras as a problem.  I know that you can record to a micro SD card, but this only records motion and sound events, not CVR.  Additionally, according to the support site, there is no way to view the SD cards remotely.  You have to pull them from the camera and plug them into a PC.


Can you please implement continuous recording with base stations.  There is an awful delay on the motion detection and we are missing half of the video each time it starts.  If I would have known this I would have gone with a different brand.


Please add support for local CVR. We can have the camera record for a fixed amount of time after it is triggered, but the maximum allowed time is 120 seconds. Taking off that limit would be a great first step. There's no valid reason not to allow this other than trying to force people to pay for subscriptions. This is clearly a feature users want.