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Bring back Recycle bin

I am so disappointed in your decision to delete the recycle bin entirely.  You need to reconsider putting a recycle bin in that people can access at least 36 hours after deleting the files to recover their files.  What if someone hacked your computer?  You would never know they deleted your files because you don't notify people of deleted files.  If a person wants to permanently delete the recycle bin so files are never recovered, then add that feature when they sign up and only if they sign up for it.  But, to be able to delete and not recover, is protecting people up to no good.  You went from a system with a recycle bin got for several days to a system with no recycle bin because some people complained that they were doing activities that did not want recovered after they deleted them.  That is not a problem for most people.   Most people have these cameras to help secure and monitor their property.   We aren't having affairs, recording others without permission in the bedroom, or engaging in criminal activity. The people you changed your system for shouldn't be doing things that they don't want others to see or recording in areas not authorized by law.  By having no recycle bin at all, you are helping people delete evidence of wrongdoing versus helping a person who accidentally deleted a file and can't recover the file.  The person who doesn't want others to see his delete files has a password.  He should change his password.  If another person has access to his account or his password, like his wife, maybe Arlo shouldn't be helping him commit unethical, illegal, or immortal behaviors without consequences.  I am really disappointed that Arlo decided to have no recycle bin to assist people up to no good.  Then again, I don't know this for a fact, seems like their are more people who work at Arlo who related to unethical activities that need delete than those who simply accidentally delete and can't recover their files.  Sad...really really sad.  If I would have known Arlo was taking away the recycle bin, I would have bought another system from another company.  Can you imagine having email without a deleted file or trash that you can't recover?  This is the same difference.   The only option for most people is to never delete.  How practical is this feature when you are trying to see which recordings you saw or didn't see?  Most people delete unimportant videos so that they don't accidentally waste time re-reviewing them over and over.   Maybe, Arlo should add a button that says "Already Watched"  like the "Favorite" yellow star button.  That way you don't have to delete and you know that you already saw the movie and you can delete if later like in a week.


Yes, please...some sort of deleted video recovery...72+ hours

Hello, I have the Arlo pro and I accidentally deleted a video from the cloud when I should have downloaded it first. Is there any way I can contact support and have them restore my data?

Deleted is GONE.


Never delete any videos as they are auto deleted based on your service level # of days

I need To Recover Deleted Videos. April 23, 2019 and April 24, 2019.

I had a theft last night.

May have been an inside job.

The cameras did not pick up any motion between 6:20 am and 8:30 Am.

From one video to the next, my bag with a bank deposit in it dissapeared from my desk.


Perhaps somneone turned off the power?

Perhaps someone disconnected the internet?

Perhaps someone deleted the footage?

Perhaps the cameras just didnt work the one time i needed them to?


Is there a way to detect if there was a power failure to the system?

Recoverable video would be great!

A placeholder saying video deleted would be informative.

A mobile alert if the base loses connection or power would be great.

Is there a way customer support can see if footage has been deleted, even if the video is unrecoverable?



Does Arlo Pro automatically backup to the usb drive?  I believe I have the 7 day cloud, is that located somewhere else?


Is there anyway I can retrieve deleted videos?

I need them for a police investigation. 

I just want to be able to see videos that were deleted. If someone else has access and deleted a video or 2 I’d like to be able to view or retrieve them. Makes me very curious why a 2 hour window is missing. Even delete them fully after 24 hours, but I’d really appreciate this feature!

Please allow premier customers a way to always recover deleted data.  Maybe the "deletion" could be an archive for 3 days, to allow for any investigation to occur, then its purged after 3 days.  And if you're a premier customer, backing up to the cloud, you can recover / unarchive the data if you need to review it.