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Baby Monitor LAN when internet is down

Last night, our internet went down for a couple of hours due to an ISP issue. I am very surprised that Arlo, especially the baby camera, cannot still stream via LAN within the same network. As a parent, it does not make me feel comfortable that while I'm sleeping, the camera could become disconnected and I would not be aware if any noises happen in the nursery. I think this should be a top priority for the baby camera since parents are putting trust in Arlo to be able to monitor their child while sleeping.


Seconding this so much!

Also, my wife and I both have smartphones, plus I have a desktop running in my home office. I created a "spare" account with access rights for myself so I can be logged in on the desktop at the same time as I'm logged in on my phone (after all, only one of those stays in my pocket when I go grab lunch/tea/snack). But because the live stream has to bounce out of the house to the cloud servers then bounce back into the house again (Three times over!) for myself and my wife to keep track, we're having to reduce our stream resolution just to accommodate 4 copies of the same data flowing through our modem simultaneously.

I reallyreally want to see a LAN-only live stream feature. It shouldn't require any special setup by users, the system should just recognize that the camera on the LAN and the viewing device are on the same LAN and feed directly.



We would love to see this!

Arlo Moderator

We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


This is a critical missing feature.


The Arlo's must be able to record and live-view while the internet is down. They don't have to be able to do anything else (alert, detect people, etc). Just live-view, and record. Today, the Pro base stations can record if a hard drive is attached, but live view is critically missing.


I don't feel like I can recommend Arlo to anyone until this feature is in place. I love everything else about Arlo, but literally any $100 off-the-shelf garbage security system can live-view without internet.... Arlo needs this badly.


@ShayneS thank you for acknowledging this post, is this forum the best way to stay up to speed on progress against this feature, or will it be visible somewhere else?

Arlo Moderator

Hi @TonyD0009


You can keep an eye on this forum as well as the announcements page. I have attached the link here for you - Announcements


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This feature is really critical.  I just found out last night that Arlo baby needs active internet connection even we are just monitoring the baby at home.   This is a really bad design!!!   ISP do their maintance at night and they don't announce the downtime to their residential users.  That means we cannot rely on the Arlo baby at night because it will go out without notice during our sleep.


After setting up my baby monitors I loved them until the internet went out thte first time. Now my wife is consttantly freaking out that the internet will go out and she won't hear he baby. 


This feature should be a TOP priority. 


Is there a reason why we can not use the baby cams on a local network and without internet connection?

If the internet drops out (which it does of late with COVID), our cameras are nothing but expensive paperweights ans we are none the wiser that our children are no longer be monitored.

What cameras to Netgear staff us when the have children needing to be monitored for safety of life at night?