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Automatic License Plate Reader

We would like to be able use OPENALPR with selected Arlo Cameras.  We have a facility we would like to be able to monitor and alert us on unregistered license plates pulling into facility.  Maybe add this to your subscription service and be able to charge per camera using it. 





Rekor Edge
$199 per month (60 month contract, prepaid annually)


Rekor Edge+
$299 per month (60 month contract, prepaid annually)


Makes Arlo look like a giveaway.

Bought this Camera for the sole purpose of looking after my car after a hit and run and would this feature is of importance for me. When I bought it I was told it could read license plates up to 100ft however it fails to capture a clean image where plates are readable 10ft away.

If this update can be made possible great. If not do you have any cameras with this capability or what other cameras would be good for the purpose of capturing license plates in a clean image.

Its truly a shame that my Arlo Pro 2 fails to capture license plate data a mere 15 feet away, even when in best video mode.


I would like this feature added...A license plate reader would add great value!


It would be a great feature to add a license plate reader function such as the software offered on this site  NOTE you need an IP camera for this software to work and it will not work with ARLO unfortunately.


Can we get an ANPR camera made. Some users would happily pay £800 or more for a ANPR camera. I have kind of got a DIY ANPR setup already. But to have an actual ANPR camera would be amazing. Especially if registration plates could be extracted every time in the smart notification alert! (Maybe even some kind of excel log as well or though that is maybe getting to complex) Also a separate gate bridge or something for £400 or £500 would also be useful. So the ANPR camera, Arlo Doorbell, and Arlo Cameras all working together to manage gated security access. The doorbell could also act as a kind of intercom. (For those that want to do a DIY ANPR I suggest a camera hidden at registration height level with another arlo camera acting as an early trigger- works well)