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Arlo is no longer listening to new ideas.

Arlo is no longer listening to new ideas.

In this “community” group there is a topic “Arlo Idea Exchange” where you can post ideas and improvements for Arlo.  Other readers can upvote good or useful ideas and improvements.  Arlo themselves will take the upvoted (and practical) ideas and classify them as following:

  • New Ideas
  • Future Consideration
  • Engineering Investigation
  • Implemented in latest product
  • Implemented

While reading these “ideas”, its nice to see that at one time Arlo was interested and active with user feedback and suggestions.  Many ideas have actually been implemented, due to user feedback.

But now, Arlo is no longer listening to feedback.  And as evidence I looked at the last date an idea was promoted from “New Ideas”

The last promotion date for a “Future Consideration” idea is 9-12-2016.

The last promotion date for a “Engineering Investigation” idea is 8-24-2016.

The last promotion date for a “Implemented in latest product” idea 6-2-2016.

The last promotion date for a “Implemented” idea is 4-11-2018.

As you can see Arlo isn’t exactly interested in user feedback anymore.

Just my observations. 


well considering that Arlo just split from Netgear and they are rebuilding... give them time.


I can say over time they do read and use some of the suggestions... been here long enough to see it.

Yes, they will pick and choose only some as it must be practical for them to implement the idea and be cost effective too


"New ideas" Like simply sending a push notification when the system loses power? All someone has to do is unplug the base station, do whatever they want, then plug it back in. Since you receive no notification when this occurs, or even that it had occured, it renders arlo almost completely useless...