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Arlo integration with Ring and smart lock systems

Can you intergrate Arlo into RING and smart lock systems from Kevo, LockState, Kisi, or Lockitron?

It would really be nice if you could integrate Arlo with Ring doorbell and Nucleus Video intercom to all work together and accessible from the same smartphone app. Or better yet, why doesn't Arlo produce a video doorbell and also a video internet intercom besides just the cameras? People want maximum connectivity and capability not just a niche little camera system. Please work on this, it would really be a hit. I'm already using these separate systems and want them integrated.

This idea came out 2016 comment on in 2017. Arlo needs to make this work or come out with your own. I want a frontal view like ring. I do not want a doorbell that a person has to lookup at to see the face. Come on Arlo catch up.