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Arlo Pro without cloud recording/uploading

I purchased the 4-camera arlo pro system and didn't realize until I got home and set it up that there is no choice but to have a cloud based subscription service.  I like the cameras and the ease of use; in fact I like everything about it except the fact that I have to have a cloud service.  I am considering returning the system based solely on this aspect.  I would be much more inclined to keep the system if I were able to record loacally both clips and continuous video.


Sorry, but it's not an option..but at least 7days rolling storage is free


I realize it isn't an option, that's why I posted it under 'Idea Options.'


+1, I agree, cloud/WebUI should be secondary.  We should have the full ability to have everything local, including a UI directly to the base station and our local USB drive.


Internet as a reqirment is also a major issue when intenet service fails. (storms, and other uncontrolable outages)


We have paid a hefty price, for a very limited system just for the convenience of "wireless"


I believe the issue here is that if someone was trying to break into your house or steal your camera, the recordings go to the cloud and are available even if yor cameras and/or base station were stolen or smashed. Without cloud storage you would be out of luck if this happened. 


With the Arlo Pro base station you can insert two large flashdrives and have it both ways - cloud and local storage. I believe that if the internet goes out, the cameras will store videos to the base unit's flashdrives. You just don't have the ability to view the videos without removing the flash drives and plugging them into a computer.  I hope this changes in the near future. Another concern is that I believe the base stations don't have battery backups inside, so if you lose power nothing would work. Correct me if I am wrong.




I would like Arlo to be able to record continous video to a locally attached storage device, be it a HD or NAS box...