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Arlo Pro Two Way Talk Lag Time

The two way talk feature needs much improvement.  The lag time has been up to 12 seconds on my system, which has very high WiFi connectivity and the camera is with in 18 feet of the base station line of sight through a window.  The lag should be nano seconds since this is operating near the speed of light.


In most cases when the lag time is shorter the spoken word by the person being viewed are clipped so you have to request they repeat themshelves.  Having to push the microphone button adds to the lag times.  The microphone on both the app end and camera need to be live when acitivated either in Live View or by Motion/Audio activation and allow clear audio duplex conversation.  Compared to the Ring (cost is the same as the Arlo Pro camera) Arlo/Netgear has a long way to go.Smiley Sad


Engineering really needs to make this product better than the competition not just talk about how great it is!Smiley Embarassed