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Arlo Infrared illuminator

Have you guys considered developing some kind if infrared illuminator that can work with the arlo app? I have a couple of arlo q's looking outside from behind a window and because of that the infra red night vision is redundant, I would definitely purchase some kind of battery powered arlo infrared illuminator that i can mount outside and that can turn on with the cameras or a schedule for when it's night time, it would be very handy, Thanks.

There are many on the market for low cost now... prob not something they could compete with.

Do a search for IR illuminators at 850 nm wavelenght

many run on 12vdc, so power shouldn't be a real issue


Yeah I did see those and I bought a couple of them. I just thought it would be a good idea to have one that integrated with the arlo app and ran on batteries like the arlo pro's do. If it cost a bit more it would be worth it to have it setup with the arlo cameras that are being used


The night vision as delivered is useless. In order to get decent coverage view at 4 meters I have had to buy an IR illuminator. 

The Ultra cameras need to have stronger IR range or offer an accessory IR illuminator at reason