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Arlo Doorbell Custom Ringtone

Is there anyway to change the ring when someone pushes the doorbell?  It rings my normal phone ring.  I can only seem to customize the motion notifications.


Not that I've been able to find.  My dog now associates that ringtone with people at the door which is fun whenever I get a call (I work from home so becoming quite often).  Beyond that, it would be nice to know from the tone whether it's the doorbell or a call.


We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


So....when the button is pressed, you get a brief popup notifcation on a phone, then the phone rings with your normal phone ringtone.  There should be a setting that allows for you to configure the notification sounds...not*just* your default ringtone


I think this is a very important feature. Do be able to hear if it's an ordinary phone call or if it's Arlo Doorbell that is calling... 

Why not let sound as a door chime when it rings 🙂


This is for iOS. Just figured it out. If you go to Recent and click on the “i” on the right, you will see the incoming call time and right below that you will see “Ringtone”. Click on that and you can change the ringtone for all future calls. Didn’t think I’d be the only one. Hope this helps. 


I have an iPhone XS and didn't see "Ringtone" as an option; I did as Hotsparks said, "If you go to Recent and click on the “i” on the right", but then select "Create New Contact".  Name it whatever you'd like and assign it the ringtone of your choice.


Same need here. It is very annoying not be able to make the difference between a phone call and the door bell. Arlo, could you please fix this?


Create new contact Fix doesnt work either. Seems to be a fundamental flaw. Arlo should be ashamed for not fixing this  


I finally got this to work. And now it works flawlessly! Perfect help button for the elderly! Chime goes off by my headboard, then i get a call from my phone. I setup contact to ignore the sleep and silent calls. Works flawlessly  Too bad still not supporting the audio version. Perhaps Arlo should consider releasing this as a call button for the elderly. This is a perfect niche item. 


I think it would be a great idea to let us customize the sounds the doorbell makes to the outside guest who presses it. Others like the nest get to add Halloween sounds for trick or treators this year. I would like to either have a pre-selection of sounds at the very least but it would be amazing to customize the entire doorbell pressing experience with our own sounds. The loud voice is kind of intimidating to some..