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Arlo Developers To Install & Use A Wireless 5 Camera System At Home

I appreciate that internally there has been a lot of work on the Arlo app redesign, unfortunately none of your developers appear to actually use Arlo themselves, not listen the the feedback from the community forums when everything breaks

I would suggest a you all install a minimum of 5 camera wireless system at your homes and then see how you like using your app to secure your home - see how unfriendly and anti consumer you guys have made it

The battery warnings don’t work, and now I have to spend about 10 minutes every day managing my cameras compared to a previous 30 second check every couple of days - this is NOT smart technology anymore this is manual old fashioned technology that none of us bought

The product has been seriously degraded by these design decisions

Please come back to us after you have used the systems in your own homes for a week or more and advise exactly why these decisions are better

Further development of your apps should not be undertaken by employees who do not currently have the systems installed at their own homes so that decisions like the recent redesign do not happen again




I bought 5 of my 10 Pro 2 Cameras from Costco and have been working with Both Their Resolutions and Concierge Teams for Over a Month Now trying to get Netgear's Arlo Division to Fix Several Problems since they do not work as Specified.  Their Tech Support is in Philippines & India and they Apparently Don't Even Communicate with the Engineers in the USA.  I have made it up to Level 2 Support who state they only talk to Level 3 and are trying to get out of Fixing Anything!  The Recent Updates have made things Worse causing Even More Problems, so it is an Uphill Battle!


I agree Arlo needs to step up their game!! They need to check out Nest’s app. My brother got nest cams and that app is so user friendly and easy to control everything. This recent update to Arlo is everything but easy. If your watching video full screen you can not rewind or forward. If you rotate your phone the video starts over. I purchased 2 Arlo pros thinking I might do 247 continuous video. But I am rethinking the whole Arlo system.