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Arlo Audio Doorbell Schedule "Silent Mode"

I just got the audio doorbell and I like the "Silent Mode" option but I would like it better if I could add this to the scheduling already in the app.  We have a young child and I'd like to silence the doorbell while he is napping for example.  I can do it via the app without too much trouble but I'm worried I'll forget to turn it off.


Another option would be to have the silent mode allow a duration (e.g. silent mode for the next X hours) or until a certain time (e.g. silent mode until 3:00 pm).




Really like the idea of this, more scheduling options, and it would be nice to see adjust zones or zones with motion activation toggles so zone 1 could be vechile notifications only and zone 2 for every motion detection.


Yes! Definitely a much needed feature still. 


Agreed. Treat Doorbell the same as cameras and can set schedule / geofencing, and work really like a group, instead of being a divided item.


Would Iike this feature also. I have smartthings automate everything in the house and I wish when the house was in night mode I could toggle the doorbell to silent.