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Amazon Show / Spot Integration and Notifications

I would find it highly valuable to have the OPTION to have push notifications from Arlo to the Amazon Show and Amazon Spot without user engagement.


- Have pre-determined Amazon devices display Arlo notifications in real time (e.g. motion at the "front door")

- If motiion is detected, have option to bring up live stream of that camera automatically using push.


The majority of the value of my cameras is household managment.  Is someone at the front door, going to the pool, entering the yard, etc..  In terms of using it as a security system, I would like an Amazon (or other non-phone device) in my bedroom that would notify me / show me if there motion at pre-determined cameras.  This would be especially helpful for my spouse if I were to be travelling. 


I know Amazon enabled notifications for developers last year, but I'm not sure if that would allow a live stream to appear on device without any user engagement.  Arlo team?  Can you make this happen?