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Allow reuse of rules in modes like in the old UI

After a recent system update, which redid the way rules and modes are set up by the user, it is no longer possible to reuse rules that have already been created. This wastes a lot of time and resources when creating modes, as identical rules have to be recreated from scratch for each mode in which they are to be utilized.


In the old UI the user had to create rules first, name each rule and would then create a mode utilizing the previously defined rules. No redundancies existed here, because the same rule could be used in multiple modes.


In the new UI modes have to be created top-down, i.e. the mode is created first, and in it, the individual rules that constitute it, are then created. However, if a particular rule has been created in a specific mode, it is impossible to reuse that rule in another mode. Instead, the rule has to be recreated from scratch in the other mode.


It would be more efficient and reduce redundancies if it was possible to choose from a drop-down list of existing rules when naming a rule. Being able to give a rule a new unused name must still be possible, of course, otherwise rules could not be created.


Hi Arlo

Any chance we can get this feature sorted. Having to create a new mode from scratch especially when all you want to do and make a slight modification for a new mode is a real pain. 


Can you please focus on fixing the current issues and shortfalls before new half done products are being released.