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Allow Arlo mode rules to select more than one device

Currently, I would have to create multiple rules in a custom mode to do what I want. Here is an example:
I would like a mode that when any of my indoor cameras get triggered to start recording on all cameras inside and out until motion is no longer detected on any camera.

This would also be ideal to delay motion stop as well to ensure that and delay between cameras detecting motion would all be captured in one alert.

Currently, I have to create an exponential amount of rules to cover all basis. In this case, 4 cameras would come out to 16 rules. 4 rules for each camera just to select recording on each individual camera.

I have 10 cameras 2 base stations.     I would like to have a Camera on base station 1 be able to record if a camera on base station 2 sees motion.    I have 10 cameras on my property ideally if someone gets inside I want them all to record so i can see where they go and get as much footage as possible.        


Also say i have 3 cameras on the same base station.   A,B,C.         If camera A sees motion i have it record along with camera B.      Also i have a rule that says if Camera C sees motion it records and Camera B as well.         However if camaera be is already active via its own motion or rule.   Cameras A or C record but it only saves on the USB drive locally.    It does not upload to the website.     Also Say camera B is actiavated and A or C also activate it would be nice if it started the recording time over.


I agree with this comment.  I have a 4 Camera system and creating 16 rules is laborious...  by using simple boolean rules, you can keep it down to 4.  For example, if Camera #1 triggers, record on Camera #1 *AND* Camara #2.  If Camera #2 triggers, record on Camera #2 *AND* Camera #1.  Basically you need to change your Radio Buttons (Single Selection) in the web tool to Selection Buttons (Multiple Selections) so that the same rule can be applied to multiple cameras.

Still not decided to add this cannot be that hard to code in?


When creating a custom mode currently the website/app only allows one rule per camera. It would be useful to allow a rule for each of the camera's detection methods (currently audio and motion). This will allow you to create a rule that on motion detection it records and sends notification, and on audio detection it only records.

Ok so in my setup i have 2 houses and i have 7 cameras.
However from the base in n house 1 i can not configure cameras in house 2 even though they are on the same account.
I would like to set up all rules to the system and not in the base station. I can have the r ules much better in bigger setup

I agree that the current structure of base station -> mode ->camera rules is limiting, and should be re-thought.


It'd be more powerful if you could create camera groups (no matter what base), and then have a mode for the group.  For instance, inside cameras could be one group, outside cameras could be another.  The modes for each group could be simultanously active (mode x for inside + mode y for outside), and scheduled independently.

Please allow a way to separate arm/disarm per camera based on GeoFencing and schedule.

I have two Arlo Ultra cameras (indoor and outdoor). I would like to “Arm” the outdoor camera 24/7. And “Arm” the indoor camera based on GeoFencing while in away mode and based on a schedule (at night, daily). Currently I cannot do that. Live chat support could not help and suggested I add my request to this community.

Each camera should have a different Arm/Disarm trigger based on where you place it (indoor or outdoor, etc..) and separately based on GeoFencing and schedule. They should not share an Arm/Disarm schedule while using GeoFencing as each cameras use case can be different.

I would like to have more than one rule per camera. I have one Arlo Q Plus, it records my front yard and street. I have an activity zone setup for my yard only, so as not to get notified when a car drives by or a person walks by on the sidewalk. I would like my camera to record ALL movements, but only NOTIFY me when the movement was in my yard (activity zone). How is this not possible??? It's 2020! Arlo, please send help!