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Alerting Mechanism for Base Station / Camera Offline

Our installation will be very remote beach house. There is a need for mains failure detection in case intruder has deliberately switched of the power. This would be a nice sofware update feature.


Been doing that for years, its ok if you know that the base station has gone offline.  Have got Kasa Wi-Fi switches on them.  Saying that the base stations have been way more stable for me.  They did go through that really bad spell a while back when they were constantly going offline even though still powered and connected to the internet.


Frequency of outage has definitely been lower but mine just went offline the other day, killing the batteries in 8 cameras.  Beyond the obvious problem of a security camera system that goes offline without notification, battery replacement is a pet peeve.

If doorbell goes offline a notification should be sent to users phone so you know it’s not working

1000% yes please. My cameras at the house I live in have been down since Monday, but I had no idea. Easy to implement, huge risk if not (especially while away on vacation, or remote like the OP). 


A notification that the hub and / or a camera has gone offline would be wonderful - was searching how to make this feature work then I found this post.


1. Very disappointed it doesn't already have this - what point is a security system if you don't know when it's not working.

2. I now have 5 cameras and they give me no peace of mind as I often find they have been offline for hours.

3. Disappointed this was raised in 2015 and it's still not been considered.


Would seem like an obvious function to have - people who buy cameras like the "security" of the "security" system and this doesn't offer that. Does the competition????


Every few months my base station stops working and then the batteries of all my cameras run flat because they constantly try to ping the base station. Could you create an alert that notifies owners when the base station goes down or cameras unsuccessfully ping the base station for more than a few times? It gets expensive and is very wasteful to replace these high cost batteries unnecessarily. I saw this post 'Arlo Pro stopped working.....' but no action seems to have been taken. I will get a UPS for the modem, but an alert so I could restart it before all the batteries drawn would be much better.

It is unbelievable and not understandable why the Arlo System doesn't keep a log of everytime the Base Station has taken out from the power supply or when the internet connection has been lost. In this case, it would be very easy for anyone to cut off the internet connection, or even the power supply, from outside the house and stop the ARLO camera's to record while they are easily entering the property.

This faulty feature make the whole ARLO system highly UNSAFE and kind of USELESS. We don't even get a notification of when the ARLO BaseStation has been disconnected. I'm very very disappointed that there is no such a feature! Please implement it as soon as possible!