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Alerting Mechanism for Base Station / Camera Offline

Our installation will be very remote beach house. There is a need for mains failure detection in case intruder has deliberately switched of the power. This would be a nice sofware update feature.

This is the email i get....


Your HOME - 4XXXXXXXXXXX has been offline for 37 minutes.

This may be due to someone unplugging the camera, a power outage, or loss of Internet connection.

Thanks for letting Arlo keep an eye on things!

The Arlo Team

Thanks @Pet1700. I found that I had a camera offline today and never received the email. I will double check my firmware and spam folders. Glad to see an email notification exists.


I use the iOS Arlo app. I have configured my Arlo camera to get push notifications to my iOS app when motion is detected. I would like to get a push notification when the camera goes offline (i.e. when the Arlo server detects that the camera has not communicated in a while, perhaps a minute). Sometimes my internet wifi goes online, perhaps an intruder cuts the Internet not to let Arlo inform me about motion is detected.


The camera should go into a conservation mode when the base station is offline for an extended time.   The re should be notification somehow that the base station is offline.  A simple daemon on a home computer would work.


I think it would be super useful and informative to keep log anytime the base loses power.  Possibly a notification sent at time of power outage, or at the very least, a notification when power is restored and a note detailing the duration of the loss of power. Also not sure if it does this or not, but hopefully the camera will still record/detect movement and save it until power is restored to the base where it can report the incident.

  1. Clearly, the issue of getting push notification when either the router has lost internet connection or the cameras are off line, is a critical feature, if one is to have any confidence that system is working.
  2. If I read it correctly, this (or such a) feature is now available (for some models?)
  3. The same feature must be made available for all models and clearly communicated when its rolled out. Presumably a firmware update?
Arlo Employee
Status changed to: Future Consideration

YES!  When Samsung SmartThings Hub can't be reached, I get a notification telling me that my Hub is inactive.  When it comes online, I get another notification.  It would be nice for Netgear to do the same thing with reaching the Base Station.  Future update?  Thanks.


Smiley Frustrated How has ths feature still not been implemented?


In all honesty these notifications should have been delivered from inception.


I suggest a firmware update that would provide for notification by email or text that the cameras are off line. We recently had a power interruption and the system cameras ALL went offline. I was not aware of it until I checked the system some several days later. All the time meanwhile the three lights on the modem were green indicating to me that the cameras were on line and the system was up. Little did I know I had to reboot the modem to get the cameras back on line. I lost several days of security during this time and had property stolen with no recording. 


Netgear really needs to address the issue and update the firmware to provide off line notification.