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Add label to bottom of Arlo camera

Never mix up your cameras again! I'm sure we all have removed our cameras to charge them and when we placed them back in their locations we may have placed the wrong camera in the wrong spot! Sure, we could go back onto our Arlo app and swap the names around or take down the cameras that we just placed high up on our house - but why if you could avoid mixing them up to begin with?! 🙂 This would allow room for a small push compartment under the camera to place a label so you know where your camera belongs! Never mix up your cameras again!



this would be easier done by addin a NOTE field to the cameras settings... i add the info and last charge to the camera name now


That's a great idea TomMac!

Another simple idea; a move/swap camera button in the app that will simply move/swap the camera(s) to/with another camera, of course also including, video library, modes, settings, CVR, etc. When simply changing the name I still have to change all the settings and the earlier videos will be under the wrong name.