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Add Compound Rules

I have a 4-camera Arlo Pro system, and I have to say the current rules system leaves much to be desired.  Basically, I need to be able to create compund rules.  Some example scenarios that I'd want to handle on a camera-by-camera basis:


  • Auto-arm the garage camera only when all family members have left the house.  (Requires geofencing for multiple family members).  Disable the garage camera when one or more family members come home.
  • Schedule the backyard camera to be armed 24-7, but send me alerts on weekdays only when I'm at work.  (Requires geofencing not just for my home location by my work location as well, calendar scheduling).
  • Alert me once and only once when motion is detected on the front door camera on a weekday to let me know my contractor has arrived and let himself in, not that he is continually working throughout the day.  (Requires calendar scheduling, multi-family-member gefencing, and smart notifications that know it just detected motion within the previous 10 minutes).

These are just a few examples, but adding the ability to combine your current rule features (with the addition of smart notifications that don't send repeated alerts) would be a welcome added feature.


Love the idea--until Netgear allows us to do that, you can get some of those features by using Stringify or IFTTT