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Activity zones and Look back for wireless cameras

I am unable to power several cameras I own so these features are not physically possible at the moment.  I'm hoping these features will eventually be availble for nonwired cameras in the future via firmware upgrade.  Even an announcement that this is planned on being developed will put my mind at ease and ensure that Arlo cares about the limitations and concerns of their customers.  


One of the problems I notice with this system is that it picks up the motion of tree limbs on a windy day. I have brought the motion sensitivity down and it still does not help. I eventually just have to turn off the cameras. What good does it do to own cameras you cannot use? My suggestion is to allow the user to set an active area to scan for motion. Being able to pick the areas you want watched will be helpful, and you could leave the tree out. Let me know if this is possible, most other cameras have this setting available. Thank you


I agree!!! Will save battery as well

Community Manager

The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


Allow customers the ability to use these features (CVR, activity zone, look back) while on battery power; knowing that they will need to replace or recharge the battery more frequently. The reason why I, and many others, have bought Arlo is becuase of it's "wireless" acclaims. However, not at the cost of not being able to use one of the gratest features - CVR. Not having these available in battery power for the Arlo Pro 2 deems it useless - might as well get the Arlo Pro and live with the lower resolution.


You would probably be replacing/recharging the battery every couple of hours if they did that


If a phones battery can last for days the cameras can have batteries to support all options. Granted charging and changing them would be part of life, but not every couple of hours.


Stream 1080p video and audio over wifi on your phone for a day and see how the battery lasts


For the love of GOD give us activity zones on battery power. Either I turn the sensitivity down to 10% or I receive 400 recordings a day of my grill cover blowing in the wind. The feature exists already. If I have to recharge my batteries more often I will gladly do so. My phone receives a notification every 30sec to a minute on the dot from one camera all day every day if there is any gust of wind outside. Either I shut the camera off or turn off notifications. Which defeats the purpose of the wire free implementation. If I wanted to run a dedicated power setup I would have looked elsewhere. The cameras are great but just give us the full features when people are already sinking $500 or more into setting up cameras for their house.


I honestly think about ditching the system sometimes every time I hear my phone show me another arlo notification.


2018-12-20 14_26_13-Window.png


I agree. Get constant notification when wind blows. Had to shut off camera last night when i most need it!


I have discovered something kind of intereating. Like OP, i was getting notices every few minutes when operating on battery on two seperate cameras. When I would plug them in to AC power to charge inplace, the number of notices would significately drop. When back on DC power, notices would increase. It would seem that the cameras are MUCH more sensitive when on DC battery power. I have the cameras sexured with an aftermarket chain, so swapping out batteries is a pain, which os why I plug in the oudoor AC adapter once a week or so.

if I was the conspiracy type, I would think they made them more sensative on battery as a way of selling thier overpriced solar panels and outdoor AC cords.