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Access images/videos via FTP

Your app does not allow for access to captured images without manual interaction. It would be nice if the images from my account were available via FTP or could be pushed to my computer or server.




Please make the Arlo IP Camera able to upload to WU Weather Underground To Share Weather Video With Them. Also I have a live weather website that I would like to have live feed of view of the SKY to put on my weather site. I could use a .php script also that would allow pictures or live video and or timelapse feature on the camera. I would pay extra for that if I could get these improvements!

I have a weather website and like to use the Arlo for taking weather related sky photos! I need a way to capture videos and still snap shots for uploading to WU Weather Underground and also my weather website to share what the Arlo could capture and share to provide live feed to weather related sites like mine and or WU. It could be by FTP or URL with the .jpg image attached to it from say the cloud and so on. I would be willing to upgrade if you would make this happen. I know there are alot of weather hobby people looking for a camera like the Arlo to do such a task! I am most certain it can be done. I would like to see it have timelapse from say dusk to dawn and so on. This would be a wonderful improvement and I would be more inclined to purchase an upgrade or if it could be included in an upgrade for free? Please Consider it. This was the main reason I purchased a good camera. I own the Netgear Modem, The Orbi Router And Now the Arlo. Now please make this happen!!!!

Please add these features to allow sheduled uploads video and single shots on timer not manual automatic and also timelapse. I agree with everyone else! I like to use the Arlo for the FTP or URL option with a single .jpg image say every 20 secs. then upload to WU (Weather Underground For My Station Webcam) Can not do this now! Also would like to see timelapse videos I can share on my weather website from a the cloud from my camera url or ftp this would consider me and I am sure more customer and future customers to buy more cameras! This needs to be added it is a must! Most IP cameras have this! I am tempted to buy another brand that will do this. But I will wait to see if you can impliment this into the software or base stations etc.

I had no luck with the python script I gave me a headache trying to install it for this purpose! I am not a programmer and I think for as much as I pay for the brand name this would be standard. Come on Netgear please ad this! I own your Orbi Routers with 3 sats. Your Gigabit Modem. Its not like I do not support your company! How about doing something good in return for the products I have purchased from you and now the Arlo. It would be nice to see some of the features added! PLEASE DO THIS!!!!

I am honestly hoping the Netgear will make this IP Camera so you can set it up to also take timed snapshots .jpg and timelapse videos to share on website or so I can upload it to Weather Underground Station Cam Site. WU wants the URL with a .jpg file included in the URL at end. I love to take pictures of the sky for my weather station. I have tried the Python Scipt it took me two days to recover my computer after I put the program on and then it did not work right I give up! Hope they can do a firmware update so it will do these things. I have two cameras now! 


If they allowed FTP\URL transfers and basic weather underground integration I would happily pay for their cloud service but right now the service is worthless to me in its current state.