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Access USB storage on the base station via local network, e.g. NFS, FTP, SFTP, SSH, SMB

As per "How do I view videos saved on a local storage USB device?", we're advised to remove the USB drive and insert it to the computer.


> Insert the USB device into a USB port on your computer.


Please implement a way to access the USB drive via local network. For example, expose it via NFS, FTP, SFTP, SSH, SMB or whatever. As soon as we get at least one way of accessing the videos over the local network, no other way is really needed.


Agreed, this feature would be very nice to have.


+1 ... Totally agree, this should be implemented!


You know I wouldn't poke n e more holes in the Arlo base station/pro that you have done already through convenience over live viewing over the cloud!  Any device you expose to the WWW especially through arm devices which by itself is hardly secure.  Opting to login to the Arlo Base Station will open up doors for more hacks n security issues!    Just the fact that it is wireless; is poor judgement.  If security is your goal, then dont open holes in your network, because you are choosing convenience over security,.  Like opening your front door and expecting no onlookers to feel the need to say wussup what yah got!!!  Or merely raid your fridge!   Your Arlo cameras can be knocked off the local network or even spied on or worse MITM by a cracker called aircrack-ng airepkay-ng! I would opt for it not to be accessed by default through the cloud, and would impliment at least some firewall protection, or security device in addition to this security camera,.  Check pfsense freebsd etc example...

I have invested over 1000 dollars i to my setup. Ultras and security lights. My ISP is down but my wifi still works. Im appalled that i cannot access anything locally in my own wifi network. Thats just crazy! I bought this system for the versatility but this is a huge flaw. What if a natural disaster struck my area and my isp was down for months? Money flushed down the toilet... i mean what if people were looting in my area? Extreme sure, but many people who feel the need to have a security system have good reason for it but if all it takes is a snip of a cord (let me remind you this is a wireless network) A SNIP OF A CORD and the whole system is trashed. How? Hownis it that a telephone pole can get hit by a car breaking an isp wire and there is no other way of maintaining your security system? Over 1000 for what? I mean im sorry but thats just outrageous... sure a powerline could go down to. But then that would be more understandable. But at least i could have the base station and router on a back up battery or generator..


Really a scriptable way is needed, or let us backup data over our NAS too. 


I agree