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Access Log/History

It would be great to have a basic or advanced log/history feature, first of all to see who of my friends logged to the system and at what time, also to ensure that nobody is using my account (in case hacked or someone stole my credentials). Also it would be better to send any of the above activities by email or SMS notifications so that in case someone hacked my account and accessed the cameras I will have the chance to immediately take action. A dual authentication might be useful as well where whenever there is a login attempt, I will receive a pin on my mobile which I need to input on the login screen... As nowadays security is a must, in my opinion the above would give a higher ranking for your product and a better customer satisfaction.


You would need to contact Arlo other logs available 

Arlo users have been requesting this for years. I really dont think Netgear/Arlo plans on implementing anything to give Arlo users the ability to access more detailed data that would typically be in a log file. Ive been following this thread for quite some time now because I keep hoping that these guys will create a way to access more detailed data regarding logins, connectivity, etc. Several years back I wrote a detailed post on this thread about the security flaws inherent to Arlo due to the lack of detailed logging. I also explained how it was possible to temporarily disable an arlo security camera without it ever being noticed, and why detailed logs would be a partial fix for that vulnerability. My post was of course removed. It did take them 6 months to even notice my post and remove it. So good luck getting your logs! I dont think these guys care. Even though they know the lack of detailed logs is a security vulnerability, its obviously not important enough to fix. Bummer. Come on Netgear, you can do better!

Of course they'll never give you logs or create the ability - they dont want you to know they're spying on you...that really is the only reason i can think of them for not giving us this ability over the years...its simple...theyre hiding something....get rid of your arlo's.


I have to say the quality of this thread is degrading. As I understand it, Netgear hasn't owned any stake in Arlo for over a year, yet people still cajole/threaten them. And the paranoid "they're spying on you; burn your Arlo" content is pretty silly. I will say, again, that I couldn't care less about access logs. What I'd like to see is event logs like mode changes, motion detection, signal loss, battery low warnings, etc. Other security cam vendors already do this.


Agreed, thread appears to be degrading.  Let us end this thread soon, as the topic certainly has exposure albeit somewhat of a wide scope.

And, whether the terminology used is 'tracking logs', 'change logs', 'access logs', etc., etc....

Time will tell whether or not Arlo (since, no longer Netgear involvement) incorporates anything in this thread into next versions of functionality & features.





So, I would assume that most requests can be summarized as following:


It would be nice to have the event log which will include events like

  • Changes in modes (no need to have all the details about the change but at least the fact of the change).
  • Camera events (motion detection, signal loss, battery level, live streaming, etc).
  • Cameras state change (enabled/disabled).
  • Access logs (user sign in, etc).
  • Firmware updates (cameras/base station).

It can be a single stream of events and Arlo can have e.g. 24h history for free accounts and 30 days for paid accounts). It's actually a very strange that the security system doesn't have such thing implemented. 


I would say that different users need different pieces of information. I personally needed access logs/camera events couple years ago because I had an incident when lights turned on for a few seconds on one of my cameras (which was in "on-demand" mode, i.e. motion detection was disabled), but both users were in that room and we didn't turn it on. Unfortunately, the support team was only able to say that "perhaps it was turned on because of an update". I'm not saying that someone was spying or anything like that but the issue that there was no way for me to say why it was turned on for sure. As a result, I've decided to move all my Arlo cameras away from private areas.


Ability to View User Access Logs


It would be really nice to be able to have the ability to view User Access Logs so that we could see who has logged in to view the cameras or saved videos including the time and date.


I have shared my cameras with 2 people but cannot see when or if they have viewed any videos or live feeds.


If anyone knows how to do this I'd appreciate a response.


Arlo Base Station Model VMB4000


Firmware Version 2.12.2_6


Windows 10


Tony D






i have a netgear wifi router that allows me to see information on previous login attempts and would like the arlo cameras to have that ability also.   ip address, mac address, timestamp, etc.  i don't understand why this issue has been brought up several times over the past four years and still this basic enhanced security tool isn't being utilized.   a popup said when i went to log in on my iphone "i was logged out of my device because i was logged in from another device"?  no.  some hack logged in from another device.  i'm sure arlo netgear has this information and then some readily available and could share it with the community to not only help everyone protect their EXTREMELY personal devices, but to also have the tools available to be proactive in identifying an unauthorized hack penetrating their system.   in this day and age most of us all already know how powerful these systems are and how sensitive the information they contain can sometimes be, anything that can help secure these cameras should be utilized asap.   the amazon ring catastrophy should be a wake up call, lets try not to hit the snooze button people.


I'd like to see more logs available, including records of logins, and connections/disconnections on both the base<->camera links, and the base<->cloud links.  I'd also like graphs showing streaming activity from each camera over time (in seconds and bandwidth).


You could get protection from unauthorized login if you enable two-factor authentication - not the same as a log, more effective protection if your concern is specifically about someone accessing your account w/o your knowledge.


FWIW, Netgear has nothing to do with it - Arlo was spun off from Netgear over a year ago now.




We use our cameras outside for security paired with an alarm system inside (front point). In front point, you can see when doors are opened or closed and when the alarm is armed and unarmed. 


For arlo, It would be useful to have that same feature/history showing when the mode goes from arm to disarm, disarm to arm. Secondarily, a reminder to re-arm again after disarming.


Example 1: Having a history of when it is armed or unarmed is nice in the scenario we recieved a package at 2pm, but there is no footage and it turns out the station was unarmed. That gives more insight as to why there is no footage. It is nice to have this information and history available to the user since the primary function is security just like front point. 


Example 2: Sometimes there is a lot of wind and movement outside, so we set the mode to "disarm" so we aren't getting notifications all the time of leaves blowing around, then arm it again later if we remember, so a reminder in an hour or something customizable would be nice. Another option is to even automatically re-arm in 1 hr, 2hr etc...


I'm sure this information is already logged and available, but it would be nice to see in the account as well. Even on just the browser would be fine if it is too much work to add to mobile or vice versa. 


Thanks for taking the time! 

Kathy Lee