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3 Ideas : Block areas of video with mask grid + Image rotation + Brightness schedule.



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Idea 1: Block areas of video


There are several instances where the camera needs to block areas of video. For example, if the camera covers part of a neighbours house or a public path (which in the UK is illegal to record with CCTV).


To get around this, a grid mask could be added. This would allow you to select any areas that should not be recorded (instead replacing that square with black).


See below image for an example.




Idea 2: Image rotation 90 and 270


For some of us, the camera at a 90 or 270 angle would be much more useful (e.g. in a narrow pathway or tall long narrow garden). 


Please see below.




Idea 3 : Brightness schedule


IT would be great if at e.g. 10pm the camera could increase its brightness. I know you can do this manually via the live view but if we do this at night then the next day (if its sunny) too much light is let into the camera.


If possible, can we have the camera increase its beightness at a set time and go back down at another time.


Thanks and thumbs up if you want this on your arlo camera! 🙂


I need to be able to adjust the Camera Brightness for different time of day. My camera is outdoor so various conditions of sunlight and darkness makes it difficult to see during recording and live stream. This way I can setup a MODE then a RULE for daytime when the sun is intense the camera brightness can be turned down and then during the night when it is dark, I can adjust the brightness accordingly.  


Adding more details to what I'm thinking.....




If : slide bar Day or Night


then: Slide bar for the Camera Brightness


and: do nothing


Create 2 Rules - 1 for Daytime and 1 for Nighttime


Then the Rule will be visible to add to Modes. 

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My Arlo Pro camera is positioned on the front porch that also covers an area in front of the porch. Because the porch is under cover, there are extreme light differences during sunlight hours vs overnight hours. I've adjustied the camera brightness and was able to get good videos for both situations, but adjusting twice a day is inconvienent and not practical. 


I would like to be able to schedule brightness settings for different hours. Ideally, there would also be sensors, (like the ones used on outdoor lighting), to determine dusk and dawn and automate brightness settings.

Grid blocking is an absolute necessity for me on one of my cameras for best use of the camera without triggering events constantly due to normal road activity. Grid blocking area so activity in that area near a road would enhance the ability I have to use the Arlo Pro. Also date printing on recordings would be very useful if you were in the need of taking a video to the police or court and only see numeric coding on the picture when it's downloaded now and changing this to date and time coding would be excellent.


I totally agree with the grid blocking idea, but, the system should only block motion there, it should still record the full image.

In schedule, it would be nice if you could make a plan for even and uneven weeks, respectively. And it would be a good idea if the brightness could automatically turn up when the night vision is turned on and down again when it's turned off.

Love my Arlo Pro II's, but this is a sorely needed feature. Is there any plan to have separate brightness options for night and day modes? I'm forced to compromise on a brightness setting for 2 of my cameras so that I have basic visibility at night, but this completely washes out my daytime mode on 1 camera, rendering it worthless. 



My exact question - brightness control - Night/Day auto specified.  Currently must remember to set the brightness twice every day for each device.  My wife and I try to remember but we be old & memory not the best.  First level would be setting fixed times, the best would be auto sunrise/sunset times adjustments.


Suprised to find this is not an option. Most security cameras do...