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Re: Geofencing Issues

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shooteverything Guide

For those of you following at home, just an update. 

I just spent 30 mins on the phone with a level 2 Arlo support tech. 

at the beggining of the phone call, we had 3 devices showing incorrect information (2 iphones stating "out of zone" and 1 Oppo Android device stating "unavailable"

We did a bunch of checking and confirming settings etc on the primary account device (my iphone) and on the Oppo android device. 

The only setting that was changed on my end was the android device was set to "Mode High accuracy" 

we did a bunch of disabling devices, re adding devices, turning geofencing on, turning geofencing off, re-move device, add device etc. 

I beleive changes were also made on the tech support agents end, however i do not know what these changes were. 

on checking, all 3 devices were stating their correct status as "in zone" 

However, one of the devices (iphone) has since left the building and the app is still showing it as "in zone" 

I have reported this back to support and will update here as i receive more info... 

With a bit of luck it might help some of you figure out how to fix your own systems (if possible at all) 

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Lordgilmour Initiate
I too have spent 30 nins chatting with support and troubleshooting. Nothing changed on my end, same phones, same Android OS version, same app version. Only the base firmware changed and broke geofencing.

Above all, I *know* this is a Netgear/Arlo issue because we have a Canary camera in the house and geofencing is working flawlessly with the exact same "unique user environment" of wifi, location services, phone models, OS versions.

So I know if I sell my Arlo setup, I can buy more Canary cams and they will work.
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JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager

This week we deployed an update on our cloud server to improve geofencing reliability when multiple users are enabled. With this update, when one mobile device exits the geofencing zone, the Arlo Base Station or Arlo SmartHub now detects and sets the geofencing state based on the location of the additional/second mobile device on your Arlo Account.


We previously mentioned we would be sharing a survey in order to collect more detailed information around the use of our geofencing feature. The information gathered in this survey will help our team to enhance and optimize the geofencing feature for a wider variety of unique user environments. We would sincerely appreciate it if you would participate in the survey by clicking on the link below:


Arlo Geofencing Survey


We are grateful your continued patience as our team works to optimize this feature for all users and your feedback is always welcome. Our team will continue to provides updates in the Arlo Community when we have additional information to share.


Thank you,

Arlo Team


Note: We will provide updated information here as it becomes available. Marking solved to float the latest information to the top of the thread.

shooteverything Guide

As of this morning (and after 30 mins on phone support + 3 further emails last night) , we now have 2 devices showing correct status (iphone and oppo android) however one device (iphone) incorrectly showed "in zone" overnight. 

On checking the app on the device, arlo says "your base station is offline" and simultaniously displayes "you have entered the geofencing zone" 

Qitting and relaunching the app has no effect and still displays as base station offline. 

See attatched image. 


Have reported all to tech support and am waiting for a reply. 


Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 9.31.19 am.png

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shooteverything Guide
Now the iPhone is correctly showing “out of zone” but the android device is incorrectly showing “out of zone” when it is in the building
Still not working.
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burgr86 Star
Have two shared basestation the basestation not logged into now responds again when out of zone but responds with “is now in home” mode instead of away. Still not working correctly but at least it is responding again. How did this get so broken?
pinkoos Apprentice
Mine also still does not work for our simple setup (wife and I) - if both of use are home - don't arm; if one of us is home - don't arm; if both of us our away from home - arm. Don't know why Arlo can't figure this out Also, I have a new problem that I get continuously logged out of the iOS app to the point where I can't even log in anymore to make changes Lastly, I ran the "beta" Arlo app on my iPhone for a brief day or two when first asked to and now I have duplicate devices listed under the "Devices" menu in Geofencing. There's no way to delete the duplicate device listings. Good app design should allow to just swipe left to reveal a red delete button but we already know that there isn't really much that Arlo engineers are capable of
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Sparky7 Tutor
Completed the survey this morning and today everything has worked perfectly fingers crossed
SillySam Apprentice
So far so good after 2 days all seems to be working fine with geofencing now. Time will tell
Wallyhorster Tutor

Auch nach dem Update funktioniert das Geofencing immer noch nicht. 


Zwei IPhones auf beiden ist der "Admin" aktiviert. Das handy wo der Admin als letztes aktiviert war, funktioniert. Das Handy verbleibt entweder innerhalb oder außerhalb der Reichweite des Homebereiches.

Nachdem die Reichweite verändert wird, ist das Handy, wo der "Admin" nicht als letztes aktiviert war, "als nicht verfügbar" angezeigt.

rzftf Guide
Trotzdem das bei Arlo die Standortfreigabe „immer“ aktiviert ist schaltet Geofencing erst um wenn ich die App öffne. Manchmal muss ich die Reichweite ändern bis umgeschaltet wird. Als Admin angemedet, App gelöscht neu installiert, alles probiert, Geofencing so nicht brauchbar.
SillySam Apprentice
As of 7-22 everything is still working which is great news..
richmurray75 Aspirant
It still doesn’t work. We have two iPhones and the system tends to detect when I leave / arrive , but it’s hot and miss with my wife. Example today she left the house and returned 3 times and the whole time we were set to geobfence / home / disarm which meant we have no Arlo footage of the group of people spending 15 minutes loitering in our front garden - of which our non Arlo doorbell picked up. Please sort this out, this has been an issue for literally years. What good is a security system that can’t arm due to lack of awareness of who is in or out the geo fence area.
pinkoos Apprentice

Mine is also not working 100% of the time, though it's finally at least more hit than miss


I'm not sure why this is so difficult for the Arlo engineers


Our family uses the Life360 app (look it up if you don't know what it is) and their geolocation is spot on and has been that way for the several years we've been using it - and that's with 4 devices the app needs to constantly track the locations of


We've never, not once, had an issue with geolocation with the Life360 app


Maybe the Arlo engineers can reverse engineer Life360 and finally get their own app working 100% of the time

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murphyr Tutor

Finally, for the first time in a long time, geofencing is now working for a secondary device in our house!


My wife (secondary device) arrived home while I was out yesterday and I was notified "Geofencing at Home is now in Home mode".  Usually, given the recent problems with this feature, when my wife arrived home, it did not detect her location and the cameras remained armed - it wasn't until I arrived home (primary device) that geofencing would work correctly and disarm the cameras.


Thanks for your persistance, Arlo.  Just don't touch it now please, thanks  🙂

wldrns1 Tutor

VMB4000 with 5 Cameras. 2 phones Primary 6SE and Secondary10XR. Everything is up to date/set up per Survey and working fine xcept...I'm in the habit of turning my 6SE OFF for Dr appointments etc. After turning phone back on then arriving home, system continues to be ARMED and show me OUT OF ZONE. If Secondary is IN ZONE System works normally. Have not tried reversing phones. Switching Modes back and forth on Primary corrects. Secondary receives notification to Open Arlo App to Sync. Comments?  

SillySam Apprentice
Ok.. I hope this is not going to stop working again! As of 8-3 Arlo auto armed when I left geofencing zone , but my wife was still at home in zone it didn’t stay disarmed..