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Re: Arlo Service Down - Temporarily Unable to Login

danasstyle Aspirant

Mine is still off line, not connecting

Bradstein Tutor
Customer service actually asked me if mounted it towards the sun. / they suck / then told me I had to pay $99 for a software upgrade since I don’t use their data plan and use Verizon i
Bradstein Tutor
Mine too / but they say I have physically reset system. That’s bull **bleep** as it was working when they did what ever they did or issue they had / no real explanation either
cilliebaby Initiate

It hasn't worked since the first of March. Do I have to pay monthly for the camera to work ? I have had it about 3 months now and it was great in the beginning. Now it doesn't work. very unhappy with this product


Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
Bradstein Tutor

Join the 1000’s of us... i have the Arlo Go and been down for 5-6 days now.. it was their fault that they reset everything now i have to drive 300 miles each way to physically push buttons..

i posted long angry reply on their FaceBook page / made phone calls / sent emails finally they began contacting me..

still waiting for resolution but bet i have to physically reboot... PISSED..

Chakalover Aspirant
Our Arlo still isn’t working. It continues to say that it is offline.
brh Master


Have you tried to unplug the base station for 1 minute and then plugging it back in?



dkokai76 Aspirant

Well it’s over a week and I still can’t acess my camera. I guess I will have to drive the 150 miles each way to reset it. Good thing I see how this company works now because I was about to order 2 more cameras!

Tom1972 Aspirant
Need recharge batteries