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10 Reasons Why You Need an Arlo Baby Monitor

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Arlo Baby is one of NETGEAR’s newest products in our Arlo line of security cameras.  When I had my two babies a few years ago, we did not have cool smart monitors like this!  After having now used the Arlo Baby at home, I can tell you at least 10 ways this smart baby monitor is far superior (not to mention, way cuter!) to the traditional baby monitors many of us have used, or continue to use:





1) 1080P HD video: Obviously, first and foremost, you want clarity in a baby monitor. No fuzzy or grainy images.  It’s always best to view your baby in high quality HD, trust me!  And the Arlo Baby uses crystal clear 1080P HD video.


2) Advanced Night Vision: The majority of the time when you’re checking in on your baby, it’s at night, or during nap time, when the curtains are drawn and the room is dark.  Perfect for low-light scenarios, Arlo Baby includes advanced night vision, and the night vision LED’s are dim so that there are no strong infrared lights to annoy or distract the baby.



3) Air Sensors: Worried about the temperature or the levels of humidity in the room?  If your child has asthma, like my son does, or is just feeling stuffy from a cold that might affect his or her breathing, then you know the importance of monitoring the humidity, and keeping it at ideal levels.  With two air sensors built into the Arlo Baby, you are informed of the temperature, humidity, and even the levels of VOC’s in the room!  Alerts get sent to you whenever something is out of your desired range.  No more wondering if the room is too hot or cold, or the anxiety of checking in on baby multiple times throughout the night.


4) 2-Way Talk: With the Arlo Baby, the Arlo app can be used with the camera as an intercom, which comes in handy for numerous situations daily! You can imagine how convenient it would be to tell your toddlers to “go to bed”, without having to enter the room and get them all excited when they are supposed to be settling in for the night.





5) Motion and Sound Alerts: With the Arlo Baby, I can tune in anytime I’d like and stream live, but I’m also notified if and when there is motion or sound in the baby’s room. This way, by morning, I can know how many times my child woke during the night, along with being able to view the recorded clips to go along with it.   Yes, I obsess much, but this is often the key to knowing if my child’s bad mood is due to not having had a restful night’s sleep, or something else!


6) Baby Crying Alerts: Arlo Baby also lets you know when it specifically detects a ‘baby crying’ sound, as opposed to just any noise.  How cool is that?


7) Smart Music Player / Lullaby Library: I always used to have a white noise machine / lullaby player set up in the nursery, in addition to my baby monitor.  The Arlo Baby combines both, with a library of tunes you can choose from.  You can even sing and record your OWN song to play on repeat for your baby. Trust me, it’s a lot less self-indulgent than it sounds.  Your baby will love falling asleep to the southing sound of Mommy or Daddy’s voice.


😎 Nightlight: Arlo Baby also has a nightlight built right in, emitting a warm glow from behind the camera.  You can control the color and intensity, and you can even turn it on using your app right before you enter your child’s room, to avoid walking through the room in total darkness or waking the baby by turning on the lights.





9) Untethered: The Arlo Baby monitor can be plugged in for continuous use, or it can be unplugged and moved around the room or the home.  It can even be taken with you when you go to Grandma’s house for a visit.  Just unplug and put it into your bag, and you can take it anywhere you have access to WiFi.


10) Smart home ready: Last but not least, the Arlo Baby, already compatible with Amazon Alexa, is now also compatible with Apple HomeKit™. You just do a simple pairing process, and then ask Siri or Alexa to stream video straight to your compatible Apple iPhone, iPad, or Echo devices using  simple voice commands such as, “Hey Siri, show me the baby room” or, “Hey Alexa, show me the nursery”.


It’s not hard to see that the Arlo Baby monitor is simply the coolest baby product on the market, and with so many innovative features to assist parents and caretakers, it’s almost enough to make me want to have another baby!  Then again, I think I may just wait until someone comes out with a smart laundry machine that loads, washes and dries all the laundry for me… and folds it… and puts it away.


This was posted to the NETGEAR blog. Visit our blog for more great articles on NETGEAR and Arlo news!

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yes... the Baby does work well. Currently using the Amazon Kindle Fire ( by coupon discount ) to run as a dedicated baby monitor

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