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Re: activity zones completely ignored



Can you post an example video of motion being detected at night when it should not have been? Could you also post a still screen of where the zone was located when the motion was detected?



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Re: activity zones completely ignored

I have been trying to attach a downloaded video clip using the video icon but the forum keeps givign me an error when I try to use a dropbox URL link to the video. Any tips on how to atach a downloaded Arlo clip to my reply wothout uploading to Youtube? Here's a still image of the activity zones I currently have. The SMALL BLUE ZONE is currently being ignored at night whenever a car drives by

small blue zone triggers alert.jpgthe small blue zone is currently triggering alerts whenever a car drives by

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Re: activity zones completely ignored

BTW, anybody else started experiencing strange playback issues on recorded video clips? For some reason some of my clips only play the first few frames after I get an alert and try to play them back at the library. The playhead keeps scrolling to the right, but the image remains frozen...

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Re: activity zones completely ignored

I believe the solution to this problem is to create a custom "mode", and then create your activity zone.  My activity zones would not work when I was in "Armed" or other pre-set modes.


Click on Mode.

Select Camera on the left.

At bottom click on "Add a Mode".

Create a name for the new mode such as "Activity Zone Only Mode"

Then go in and customize your activity zone and such.


Repeat for other cameras as need be.

(Note:  I did not need to change the sensitivity.  Mine is still at 5)


That should stop the notifications for activity outside of the activity zone.








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Re: activity zones completely ignored

I tried this, and i think it might have finally resolved the motion activity issue!!  Thanks!

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