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Re: Solution to downgrade firmware and fix Arlo Q after latest update

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Thanks for your support, it really helped and without any "workaround", just strait on. The "new" firmware seems to be a roll back from july 2010. Will try to put camera in op-mode in premises to see if initial night-mode works at it should and eventually try to forget this glitch and get trust for Arlo again.



Model: VMC3040 | Arlo-Q HD with Audio

I tried to find the original poster with his solution to downgrade to firmware that bricked a lot of Arlo Q's. 


The solution can be found in this post "arlo q and q plus not syncing after firmware update 2020" from someone called Geoff.. Many many thanks for your solution...


His solution: create an open Wifi-network without a password, go through the normal process in which you add a new device, add your device to that open and free network and wait for a little bit so it can download and install the downgraded firmware, then proceed the process as normal.


In my case, i made an open account in my apple airport express


All my 3 Arlo Q's were able to downgrade from 1.10 to 1.9 and are now working again!


edit: i found the original poster with his solution:

Model: VMC3040 | Arlo-Q HD with Audio

geoffwbaOC, thank you very much.

Model: VMC3040S | Arlo Q Plus Security Camera with Audio | Ethernet | PoE