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Re: Doorbell Speaker Volume

Arlo, "can you hear me now"?  


When will you have a fix to the volume issue??!!!!  This is getting beyond ridiculous with no responses/suggestions to correct this problem.

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Re: Doorbell Speaker Volume

If you're experiencing problems with the Arlo Audio Doorbell speaker volume and need further assistance, please contact the support team so they can further troubleshoot the issue. You can contact our team here: Arlo Support

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Re: Doorbell Speaker Volume

It's because they dont HAVE a solution to fix it. All they send you is the same repetitive message, saying if you need further assistance please contact...blah, blah, blah. It's a fundamentally broken P.O.S., and they should refund everyones money who was unfortunate enough to have bought it. Only a new version, not a firmware or software update, can "fix" it. I'm glad I returned mine to Best Buy. During the refund period. I'm happy with the Pro 1080p cameras, and the Q, but the doorbell? Lol! They never should have released it as it currently is. Owners are the Guinea pigs, and paid for the pleasure of being test subjects.
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Re: Doorbell Speaker Volume

UNC, I'm glad you were able to return.  Many of us spent too long trying to get this thing to work, and now it's too late to return.  First the volume is/was too low even with the "new" version.  Then the smartphone call stopped working.  And now, even the motion detector seems to be failing.  And if the doorbell doesn't detect motion, the button is nonfunctional.


To call this product junk is to be kind to Arlo/Netgear.  Netgear thought they'd get out from under a growing bad reputation, but we need to keep it in Netgear's face too.  I used to buy and recommend a lot of Netgear stuff in my I.T. consulting business.  I no longer have confidence in their R&D or manufacturing.  Oh, it hasn't helped that I've also had a high failure rate and general quirkiness with their networking products.

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Doorbell Replacement

Purchased a doorbell Nov 2018.  The audio level was so low it was pretty useless.  This forum advised that the original hardware (1.2) was upgraded to 1.3, and this improved the audio.  I spoke with Arlo support and because I notified them of this problem within the one year warranty period, they replaced the doorbell for free to one with the 1.3 firmware version.  I installed it with no problem, and tested it.  The audio is improved and it doesn't appear it's a problem any longer.  Thanks Arlo!

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