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Does Pro 3 work with Smartthings?

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rferrara Follower

Does the new Pro 3 work with Smartthings, more specifically video integration?  One of my biggest disappointments with the Ultra is neglecting Smartthings and taking away my ability to view my cameras in a centralized location and integrating them into rules for automation.

JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



At this time, SmartThings integration is not available for Arlo Ultra and Arlo Pro 3.



brh Master

This is a real bummer as I have replaced most of my outdoor cameras with Ultras and Pro3s which are not compatible with Smartthings. Also the Audio doorbells are not compatible with Smartthings. To get around this limitation I have a Pro Hub to control my indoor cameras which are all Pros and Pro2s and am able to connect them with Smartthings. My outside cameras are all controlled by my Ultra Smart Hub. I have to arm/disarm them separately.

As a side note: The Audio Doorbells don't work with either the Ultra or the Pro3 cameras.

Scudd Tutor
Thank you for letting me know not to purchase the new cameras I was just about to purchase. I will look elsewhere instead of adding the new cameras to my current system. It is very unfortunate that I am not able to continue to grow with Arlo or recommend them for Integrated systems I spec out at this point.
Scudd Tutor


Do you happen to have a time frame as to when it will be supported?

brentrobison85 Aspirant
This can’t be accurate. If this is true, not only have you greatly decreased the effectiveness of my home security and safety setup, but you just cost me a substantial amount of money. As a current customer (Pro 2 w/doorbell) I purchased my product in the US, and brought in home with me to Mexico. Obviously I didn’t think to check Smartthings compatibility, because removing features and functionality on a “new and improved” system just seems like a poor business decision that was intended to push everyone to your proprietary app and try to force all business to remain within your own ecosystem. I’m paying well over $100 just to ship the product back to the states because I refuse to allow a company to dictate the way in which I can setup my own smart home. VERY. BAD. MOVE.
Mavrrick Apprentice

Arlo announced a while back with the Ultra cameras that they were looking to enter the Smart Home Market. It was suppose to happen this year, though i haven't seen anything about it recently. For that reason I don't expect any of their new products to support Smartthings. 


There may be a little bit of hope as they have added Homekit support to their stuff, but at the same time they refuse to take on any ownership of the older arlo camera integration with Smartthings. There is a ongoing issue with Arlo Pro2 cameras with Smartthings and in many cases users are just being referred to Smartthings to open a ticket with them as Arlo integration as they claim is completely owned by Smartthings. The ironic thing is the problem occurred after they issued a update to the Arlo 4000 series base station. 

Scudd Tutor
One of their big Serling points has been they integrate with many different systems. That is why I was recommending them for implementations with larger systems and home systems. I would hope they continue to support those that helped them.
Kalebbroo Aspirant
I love the Arlo q and have been using it with my SmartThings home for a while now. When I heard about the new Pro 3 cameras I planned on purchasing the set of 4 spending over $700. With this sad news I guess I will need to find another company that has better integration. Please let me know if this changes I liked your cameras.