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Unexplained disconnection

I bought Arlo Ultra (basestation and two cameras). During installation, updating the fireware for the base and one of the cameras was successful. During the update process of the second camera, the process was not complete. I could not and did not find an option to update the camera's fireware. 


Then the cameras were both on. For no reason, the camera (which fireware update was not successful) keep disconnecting for no reason. It gets back on when I try to restrate the mobile app but then shortly it gets diconnected. No specific action gets it on or off. The message I get is: This Arlo device is offline. Please make sure it is connected to the Internet. Visit for help. The Camera is connected to the Internet and it works after few attempts to restart the application. 


Can you please let me know how can I fix this and also update the fireware for all cameras manually? 

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Unexplained disconnection

Try rebooting the hub and remove the camera from Settings, My Devices and resync.

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Re: Unexplained disconnection

Thanks. I tried this and it worked for a whilte then the problem returned. I will try again but I don't think it will solve it. 

Model: VMS5240 | Arlo Ultra 2 Camera Kit
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Re: Unexplained disconnection

By "rebooting", you mean the "reset botton" in the hub, correct? 

Model: VMS5240 | Arlo Ultra 2 Camera Kit
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Re: Unexplained disconnection

Nope, power cycle (pull the plug). The reset button may be needed but is a whole 'nuther ball o' wax.

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Re: Unexplained disconnection

Ok. Thanks

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Re: Unexplained disconnection


Same problem.


Disconnects for 20-40+- minutes throughout the day/night


Started last month, following problems that manifested in resets to pacific time (I am in EST)


Probably related, but have already spent too much time on this device


Very frustrating


Seems like another firmware problem as nothing has changed on the house configuration side


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Re: Unexplained disconnection



When you notice this, what is the behavior of the LED on your SmartHub? What does the status of the SmartHub show in the mobile app?



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Re: Unexplained disconnection

Hi James. I experience the random disconnects as well (base station going offline by itself).

When I’m home and notice from the app that the base station went offline randomly. I’ve physically looked at the base station a couple times during these occurrences and it’s physically rebooting itself. Then it goes from the blinking amber light to solid blue light eventually.

Model: VMS5140 | Arlo Ultra 1 Camera Kit
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