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Alro ultra 4k keep disconnecting

I have 4 x Ultra and 2 c Pro2 connected to my smart Hub. All cam have 2 bars wifi connection = good coverage. Only 1 cam keeps connecting and disconnecting when I attempt to local stream 4K. I have max 2 cam with 4K local streaming or only that one. Always the same: it connects and stream for 3 or 4 sec in 4K, then disconnect and reconnect... I tried permanent power and battery mode. No change.

Anyone having same issue?
Model: VMS5440 | Arlo Ultra 4 Camera Kit
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Re: Alro ultra 4k keep disconnecting

When I first bought my 2-camera kit one of the cameras was doing this same thing.... After half a wasted day diagnosing and testing it I finally brough the kit back to BestBuy and got another one.... The second kit both cameras worked.


It may just be a bad hardware situation

Model: VMS5240 | Arlo Ultra 2 Camera Kit
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Re: Alro ultra 4k keep disconnecting



Try swapping the location of the camera that is dropping connection with a camera that works without any issues. This will allow you to see if the problem is with the location of the camera or the camera itself.



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