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Re: Arlo Service Down - Temporarily Unable to Login

MG85 Aspirant

I assume we will be getting a credit? Ridiculous.

Batwomanfl Aspirant

Is there an attack on Netgear’s System like the Russians hacking everything in America? Maybe there’s a VIRUS that’s affected your system! Maybe collecting everyone’s information or better yet getting everyone’s IP address to wirelessly connect to everyone’s wireless cameras JUST SAYING!

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htdj03 Aspirant

bught two camera's arlo q and arlo baby. I wasn't too sure about arlo since everything was on the cloud and I was concerned about security. A co worker had setup his house with all arlo and he was very happy. That made me go and get a couple to test them out. Now after this I don't know if I'm going to go with Arlo. Maybe go back to a traditional CCTV camera system. 

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CptDirty Guide
Guide ARLO ready to compensate all those who had break-ins during the downtime? I wouldn't know if my apartment got broken into until I go back home after work! 


Thanks ARLO! 

renevilandt Initiate

It's very disapointing that Netgear seem to se no reason to update their costumers on the status of this issue.

Yesterday I was considering buying two more cameras, because the idea behind Arlo is great. But this is the third time in three month for me, that the service is down, and my system is effectively useless. Netgear need to step up their service and reliability, or other options make way more sense, than an on/off system.

agent929 Guide

I am also interested in knowing if we will receive a credit for today.

Paco1 Aspirant
I just received an email.

View Online >
Dear Arlo customer,

Please be advised that Arlo online services are temporarily unavailable. Our team is actively working on restoring services as soon as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. To stay informed on further updates, please visit the Arlo community.

- The Arlo Team
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Fattire Tutor

I credit you for asking for a credit

GeorgeEiben Aspirant

Why is you go down even more recently.

someone hacking your database?????



Unhappy Customer Right Now

mtchrieg Aspirant

When will camera be back on i cant arm camera iMUST HAVE THIS MOTION DETECTION ON NOW!!!!!!!!!

Sean13142 Aspirant
I can't even access my cameras now. They are 400$ paperweights. This needs to be fixed.
brh Master


Wow! Your cameras must have a very long range. Can you tell me how you did that? LOL



agent929 Guide

Mine are still recording motion as normal, I just can't do live view or adjust any siren or settings.

agent929 Guide


Haha, decided to change my post before I got banned lol

Aggiemom Aspirant
I am still getting motion alerts, so I assume they are still recording. I hope that helps!
SteveWhite Apprentice

Why not?  Assuming you pay $150 a year for premium, that amounts to about $0.42 per day.  I won't be happy until I'm compensated for that loss!  Seriously, outages happen.  A few hours may suck, but it's not the end of the world.


To those claiming that Netgear is somehow responsible for covering losses during a break in.  If you're so concerned about a break-in, get yourself a real security system that is UL approved. Those are the ONLY systems approved to call emergency services and also receive insurance discounts.   As cool as Arlo is, it really is just a DIY/Hobbiest system.  No burgalar is going to be checking for platform outages, nor will likely be deterred by the presence of an Arlo sticker.  The presence of a camera, working or not, is truly the only deterrent with a system like this. 

Ddunn007 Aspirant
My service has been offline/unavailable several times in the past week.
Ladron Aspirant
I hope this issue gets resolved soon
Bodger2 Aspirant

How much longer?!! Just post some more guidence please.

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mozzak Aspirant

Guys, come one. what is going on ? Give us an update and ETA.

Mark52 Aspirant

System was down at 6:30 A.M., been trying to reset since then, at 11:09 A.M. Netgear sent me an email informing me the system was down and to check out the forum. Well here I am and I read from the moderator that around 9:00 A.M. he posted the system was down. This was six hours ago and the system did record around 10:00 A.M. the mail being delivered, but I can't access it and I can't log in still.  Why not post an estimate when this will be fixed?  I can't even power off the cameras to conserve battery.

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Bluff Tutor

Wow, unbelievable, what next? If the Arlo pro 2 is working properly they should replace our arlo Q cameras. After all, they advised me to basically trash my Arlo Q system and buy the Arlo pro 2, unacceptable that they want me to spend more$$$$$$

PrettyPanama Aspirant

Will you be providing the customers an explanation of what happened?  I think you owe it to everyone who has invested in an Arlo this at the very least, especially if this was a security breach...... actually, I think you have no choice but to disclose such an event.  Either way, I will be expecting a follow on e-mail in regards of the outage. 

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agent929 Guide


I do understand what you mean, and yes, I agree. It doesn't amount to ****. I'm paying for CVS on about 20 cameras total and I have a few Arlo Gos. I really don't care if I see the money or not but as much as Netgear has nickle and dimed me I (and I'm assuming many others) want to do the same with them. I have never been offered a discount or anything so I don't feel bad raising a little bit of hell with them. Seems to make me feel a little better about dumping all that money into it lol.

ThenC Aspirant

This is a reminder as to the level of security you can expect from this system. It is totally dependent on a website and the system is easy to hack because it is brodcasted in your neighborhood. There is no wired option. There is not even an option to hide your base station.

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