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Re: Activity Zones Are Not Working

Hi @danigardiner


Have you tried to remove the cameras from Settings > My devices > re-Add them?

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Re: Activity Zones Are Not Working

Hi everyone,


Thought I'd share an update. I've swapped my two cameras to see if that makes a difference. Unfortunately not. I did have a person from arlo contact me and we spend some time trying to resolve. We could get the activity zones to work when the camera was in a living room setting with movements within a meter. Since then not much luck. I've restarted and reconnected camera's, no change. The firmware on the camera is

I have attached a photo below with the activity zone, at the moment I am getting 20+ motion detections, plenty of cars passing on the road clearly outside of the activity zone. Making matters worse, the battery lasts only a couple of days, I swapped batteries last night, it's gone from 100% to 68% in 24 hours, making 28 recordings of 20sec on average. I am thinking of connecting to powersupply for a period to test, then again, I am starting to think I've got a bad bunch of camera's as neither zones or batteries seems to be working. Or maybe it simply doesn't like where it's been placed!


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Re: Activity Zones Are Not Working

I just installed 6 Ultra cameras and setup the activity zones.  Still get alerts and recordings for movement outside these zones.  This is ridiculous Netger what is wrong???  

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