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can't setup an arlo q camera

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js4lazar Follower
hi, i bought 2 arlo q cameras, i got 1 working, but the other keeps its led in orange. i've been able, through multiple unplug/plug loops to setup it, but as soon as it's unplugged, it stays with the orange led lighted, static, and no connection in the app. last time i was able to setup it, afirmware update was required, it did it, and work for a while, just until i unplugged it. i''ve reset the camera, and tried to setup it again with no luck. the camera serial number is 4SV183SU5EC4F
Guru TomMac Guru

Since these cameras don't have batteries, they must stay plugged in... but should auto reset/reconnect if pull and replugged in.


Have you tried a reset of the Q ?? 

If after a reset and stil not functioning, you may want to consider returning the troubled one and get a new one

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