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Arlo Q Grant Access Share

I have a total of 3 devices which I want to share with a family member, checking all 3 to be shared. Only 2 have been shared with the 3rd one never becoming available to be “accepted” by the family member. I have repeated the process three separate times and the 3rd device is still not showing up to be accepted. How do I correct this?

Model: VMC3040|Arlo-Q HD with Audio
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Re: Arlo Q Grant Access Share

Hi @North-IL-1,


Has the owner of the third device click on the link that was provided when inviting to be a grant access? Are you using the Arlo app on your phone device to set this up or through the web client on your computer?

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Re: Arlo Q Grant Access Share

To JessicaP
From North-IL-1
The 3 Arlo Q’s were installed with my phone, not a computer.
The first two are shared with my spouses phone. The third unit (installed the next day) would not share on her phone.
Yesterday, I mistakenly un-installed one of the original two. I successfully re-installed it, and it also (again) is accessable to her phone. The original third unit remains ‘blind’ to her phone. I have no clue as to why. I will admit to being somewhat digitally challenged. I do not understand many of the terms (or function names) used in the directions explaining the ‘how to’.
Currently I have three ‘Q’ units that I can access. My spouse can only access two of them.
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Re: Arlo Q Grant Access Share

If you check her settings in Grant Access, are all tree cameras selected? Perhaps you forgot togive her access to that 3rd camera.

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