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Keep those cameras rolling. (Q)

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I installed 3 ‘Qs’ the night before leaving on a 6 week vacation and monitored them flawlessly on a daily basis. Front door, back door and inside hallway.
Upon return, disabled all. Did not think we needed security while at home. Three days after ‘turn off’, someone drove through the yard and took down the mailbox. Yep!
Embarrassed! Back on now.
Guru TomMac Guru

At least they work while on.... 🙂


They work very well thru glass if you turn off the night vision ( reflects back off glass ) due to the pixel detection... IMO, one of the better cameras if you have some outdoor lighting.


Also, I would mention that you d/l any videos you think you may want to save and NOT delete any as they will be auto deleted athe the end of your service level time.

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