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My Arlo Pro camera is giving me this message(There was a problem establishing a connection to the media server) when I try to view live video through my web browser. On my phone using the app it just doesn't connect(show the rotating busy icon) and I am not getting any of the recordings during motion detection. It appears to be recording because I am still getting notifications on my phone when it detects motion. I've tried restarting the base station. I have also tried removing my camera as a device from the base station. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
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Did this trial firmware get tested, approved and released? 


I just received a notification that there was a new firmware for my base station and I can no longer view live video.


If I try and install the firmware update I get the same behavior as back in April. The firmware fails to install and I have to power cycle the base station to get it to come back online on the prior firmware but live video is still not available as it tells me I need to update the base station.


I'm guessing whatever the fix was that you were testing is either not in this firmware push or the issue is not fixed...


on May 20, 2019 I got a pop up from the arlo application to update the camera firmware, and this update is very good, the sound delay and motion are usually 5 seconds to 1-2 seconds, and do not cause disturbing feedback (if the camera and smartphone close together).