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Re: There was a problem establishing a connection to the Media server

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Did this trial firmware get tested, approved and released? 


I just received a notification that there was a new firmware for my base station and I can no longer view live video.


If I try and install the firmware update I get the same behavior as back in April. The firmware fails to install and I have to power cycle the base station to get it to come back online on the prior firmware but live video is still not available as it tells me I need to update the base station.


I'm guessing whatever the fix was that you were testing is either not in this firmware push or the issue is not fixed...

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station

on May 20, 2019 I got a pop up from the arlo application to update the camera firmware, and this update is very good, the sound delay and motion are usually 5 seconds to 1-2 seconds, and do not cause disturbing feedback (if the camera and smartphone close together).