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Re: Database service is currently down...

In my experience exactly 50% of the equipment failed within 6 months and support was not supportive.

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Re: Arlo down again???

Seems any "Arlo Community" questions about problems I have tried to search,  result only in year-old reports that have "been closed due to inactivity" which, I am sure is just bull**** from ARLO/Netgear trying to hide the many problems.

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Re: Database service is currently down...

 So far I was effected by the last major glitch where Arlo/Netgear system where base and cameras were inoperative. Then the app problem where if you checked your cameras or responded to an alert, the app said "timed-out" and required closing the app and signing back in.

 Also Arlo support phone contact which I called 2x's and was put on hold a few times on both calls incured a $33.00 cell phone bill. (No mention from Arlo under the Canadian page site there is a long distant charge.

 As a disabled person with just over 2 months owning this Arlo Pro 5 camera system, I am dissapointed.

 I am unable to climb ladders to remove cameras for these "fixes" that may require several "syncing" attempts.

 I would suggest that until Arlo/Netgear remedies these ongoing problems from the multiple complaints lodge that other security systems be considered, and ones with tech support phone lines for those like myself who require a person to explain remedies, rather than the long drawn out back and forth emailings.

 Hope this helps any future purchase query of potential buyers.

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
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