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Arlopro VMB4000 all of a sudden the streaming quality is very bad

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Just bought the 2-camera system last week after a B&E to my house. A cop friend recommended Arlo. Well, he's wrong, it's junk. I'm on cable internet, 40GB down / 10GB up. One camera is 2m away from the base, the other is 5m from the base; both cameras have 85%+ power. Audio & video stops, starts, and stutters like crazy. And the cameras frequently lose contact with the base station. I am so disappointed, I just keep saying 'It should be so much better than this.' 

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi applebman,


Has this been an ongoing issue since you set the system up or did this just start happening? Is there a specific time of day this starts happening? It sounds like there may be some interference within your home.


Anybody ever come up with a solution ? We just bought the same system and added our 2 old vmb3000 cameras to the system . The new ones transmit, but the old ones won't send a video signal to phone or computer. We can deal with a lag time, but can't get anything transmitted with old cameras. Thinking of putting old base station back in and just trying 2 systems. Any thoughts ??

Guru Guru

Did you remove the old cameras from the old base before adding them to the new base?