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robocam Guide

Cameras just came on line.....hope this continues.  Thank you to whoever resolved this matter.


And for those who are wondering, I never did a factory I only had the amber internet light.  I did not have to reboot today, they came back up automatically. 

mrsc819 Tutor
I've about had it with ARLO. For three days now, they have made an excuse saying that my base station will not connect due to an isolated issue with ATT users. They have been saying we'll provide you an update.. but have not released anything on any social media site saying there is a known issue. They refuse to give a time line.. and the first time I called they told me they're just gathering cases and once they have enough they'll send it to their engineer. I've spoken to ATT. They have no known cases open with ARLO. I have fiberoptic internet specifially for this product. They haven't even emailed us anything like "we want you to know we're working on it". NOTHING. I have had this product for over one year and never once have I had an issue. I have even recommended this product to at least 50 friends and family members.. and half of them bought it! and Now this... I've had it.
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@jguerdat wrote:

MAybe you need some courses in networking. If AT&T blocks access for any reason, Arlo can't do a thing.


Yup, blame Arlo for your total lack of understanding.

Indeed. Now that these things are back in action, with no changes at the Arlo end, will we see any apologies from the people who insisted that Arlo was to blame?



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harlow56 Initiate

i too am an ATT user and i am experiencing the same issue. it says my basestation is offline. it also has been offline for three days. no amount of reset seems to work. All other internet devices, PS3, laptop, and smart tv work fine. i have had this system for just over one year with no interruptions. What the Heck???

JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager

Arlo Community,
The ISP routing issue resulting in some customers’ inability to access and Arlo Base Stations being offline has been resolved. We appreciate your patience while we investigated these reports and worked with our service partner to address and resolve this matter. 
Please let us know if you’re still experiencing any issues.
Thank you,
Arlo Team

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mrsc819 Tutor
I have been hounding their customer service line. They told me it was reported that it was working an hour ago and to hold a pin in the reset button. Everything else in my household works too. Att said my internet is more than fantastic. Hopefully they’re being honest!
hollybern Aspirant

I feel your pain.  I, too, have had 3 days of base station (VMB4000) nonsense with internet connectivity and Arlo blaming it on AT&T, and AT&T blaming it on Microsoft.  A lot of finger pointing going on.  Finally, this morning, I had 3 green lights on my base station, indicating that internet connectivity had returned.  However, I could not reinstall the base station, no matter what I tried.  I had read in the Arlo Community that a “reset” might work, would be nice if people in the community who are giving info give ALL the information.  When I finally called Arlo after trying “everything,” the technician told me to press reset and HOLD IT IN UNTIL THE LIGHTS TURNED AMBER.  Then release it.  If only I had known that crucial detail about holding in the reset until the lights turned amber, I could have saved myself a few hours and a lot of frustration.  Everything is finally back on line, but this is an ongoing issue, I fear, between Arlo and AT&T.  While the Arlo system works great “most of the time,” when the system goes down, it’s useless, frustrating, and unnerving. 

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mrsc819 Tutor
I 100% agree. I had to disconnect my base station, reconnect and resync my camera. Once I did that, everything worked fine. I’ve had this product since February of 2018 and never once has the internet connection been a problem. I’m not sure how this could only have been an issue with ATT. Since I’ve never had an issue, I’ve never been in the community forum. I’m so sorry it took so long to get everything back and running again, but I’m glad you were able to figure it out!
harlow56 Initiate
Well I finally to try to delete everything and start over. For 3 days I didn’t have the internet green light. Today after trying everything I could I noticed I had internet but no cameras so I decided to delete everything and start over. I deleted all cameras and the base station. Went through the startup procedure and now all is working. First time I have had problems with the Arlo. I sure hope it lasts. Good luck.
hollybern Aspirant

And glad you were able to get your system up and online again, too.  I agree that it can’t just be a problem with AT&T.  But we’ll probably never know.  I really hope someone from ARLO is reading these comments and responds with an explanation of why this happened.

JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi @Cl7741,


Have you tried what jguerdat mentioned?