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Brightness adjusting

Why is it so hard to change brightness?
You move the slider and it won’t change,you have to spend several minutes going back and forth to be able to change brightness
Sometimes it won’t work at all.
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Re: Brightness adjusting

The slider isn't really that much of a "slider" - it just provides for 5 distinct settings. Be sure to save when changing. You may have to refresh the view to see the change.

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Re: Brightness adjusting

Yes I see that goes from 25. 50 75 100
I do refresh and I can see the desired brightness on the display but when I restart I goes back to what it was before,sometimes I get it to work by changing the power management mode
But you shouldn’t go through so much hassle just to adjust brightness
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Re: Brightness adjusting

To be clear, you are SAVING the new brightness setting, too, right? You must save it.

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Re: Brightness adjusting

Ok now you got me there,i always thought it will be a save button but I don’t see one
How do you save it ?
I just close and press done
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Re: Brightness adjusting

Ah, you made me look, which turns out to be a Good Thing. I was thinking of the old way of setting brightness from live view, not the current method. Although the web interface makes you use live view to set brightness, it saves automatically while the app version has you set it in the camera video settings. As you note, there is no "Save" - it saves for you (or should). You were right all along, I was having a senior moment (or 10).


That said, I have adjusted my brightness on a couple of cameras recently and it remains set. Since that isn't happening for you, I'd suggest rebooting the base and reset the camera by reinserting the battery. If that isn't enough, try removing the camera from Settings, My Devices and resync. You will have to add the camera back into any custom modes if you do thata.

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Re: Brightness adjusting

Thanks I will do that when I get back to
The site,i use the camera to rescue dogs and this pups depend on it
Thank you again
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