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Re: Only when sleeping, Abnormal or Very Abnormal Air Quality

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Have you tried contacting customer support regarding this issue? I have attached the link below for you - Arlo Tech Support


So I am in the same boat and my air quality between 2am-5am is "Abnormal" to  "Very Abnormal", but I would like to dig in deeper and ask what is the ppm (parts per million) per gases,  and how does one equate these in ppm to the "Abnormal" to  "Very Abnormal"?


  • Iso-butane
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Hydrogen
  • Ethanol
  • Methane

These are listed on the site, so what are the range values are for these three level of delineation? What is the formula on  (x#) ppm in Methane +  (x#) ppm in Carbon monoxide = "Abnormal"


Are these multiple sensors, or a single sensor? If it is a sensor there is a polling happening via and SNMP to a graph without any numerical value references, why? Could those be added to the graph vs your arbitrary lines/threshold?  Also, if you are monitoring all of these different VOC's, why not split them out into its own graph(s)?



You can avoid this Abnormal or Very Abnormal Air Quality when you sleeping.  if you use air purifier and humidifier, because it works for dust , allergy and humidoty room. So this can be a best option for you.  when my wife was pregnant she suffer for asthma and doctor suggest her using air purifier . Now she  said me her asthma away.


Based what I’ve read, this is the best conclusion I’ve seen so far but no response from Arlo on this?
We have an air purifier in our baby’s room. Abnormal readings only occur when the door is shut with baby sleeping in the room, but goes back to normal when the door is open. There is no ventilation (HVAC) into the room. It can only be a product of breathing/respiration. Does arlo pick up on gases that are products of human respiration? Can’t arlo address this question first?