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Re: Arlo and IFTTT Motion Detection Broken

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I have 17 total modes. I have a very elaborate schedule. I just added my “Front” camera and under “actions” in Stringify “arm this cameras base station”.  I’m using an Arlo Pro camera with the flow.


Thanks for that Okone1 you just saved me a lot of negotiation, time and effort.  Won't bother testing removing the additional modes.  What you have accomplished is precisely what I have tried repeatedly to do using different cameras, different times, etc.   I had initially created two rules - 1 to arm at 5 pm and 1 to disarm at 7 am; I disabled the 7am rule until I could get the 5 pm rule working (which of course I never have).


I have successfully created a 'Record time lapse' rule - record 20 seconds 1x every hour on the backyard camera - so I know that I can create a successful Stringify rule with Arlo.

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera