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Re: Apple TV support

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IDW Initiate
Im disappointed that Apple TV support has been dropped in the move from Netgear to Arlo IOS apps - does anyone know if this is intended or will be rectified? Thanks
MORGiON666 Star

I noticed this too, would greatly appreciate Apple TV support returning.

Mikem30303 Tutor

James C, is the Apple TV app really losing support?  This would be a huge setback...

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Boead Aspirant

The AppleTV app is very convenient! 
AppleTV 4K is an awesome device and ive tried many of them!
I have a few AppleTVs now. It acts as a Home Hub for my Ecobee Thermostats and other devices related to HomeKit.
The new iOS is going to utilize this AppleHome Hub even more so by letting it process video data and store in iCloud.

I use the AppleTV App and Im Afraid that it too will NOT be working soon 😞
It was a Buying Point when I was shopping, as was HomeKit compatibility and to have it go away now (of all times) will make me rather annoyed.

So Arlo Techs and Admins, PLEASE update US on the AppleTV App and Apple HomeKit Integration expectations for October 2019 and beyond.

Thank you. 

cyberjunkyfreak Apprentice

When will the new Apple TV app be released?  I keep getting a message in the old Arlo Apple TV app to download the new Arlo Apple TV app however I can't find it in the App Store.

adammiarka Apprentice

Doubt they will add the Apple TV support back.    If you have your base station integrated with HomeKit, you can look to HomeCam as a solution.   When it loads, it will automatically start to live stream your cameras.  

cyberjunkyfreak Apprentice

And there's the rub... I've got the Arlo Ultra base that is not yet supported for HomeKit.  And now I can no longer view 4K footage on my AppleTV.


What's up Arlo???  


Any comment?

cyberjunkyfreak Apprentice
They must be coming out with a new Arlo app for AppleTV though As they would have had to program this attached screenshot in the legacy Arlo AppleTV app. I just wish that Arlo would let us know when it will be available to download!

ShayneS Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

What features will you be using with the Apple TV functionality?

Bbennett14 Initiate

Honestly, what's there now is fine. Personally, I use the Apple TV app for live viewing. But, I could also see a scenario where accessing recorded or saved content would be needed as well.

cyberjunkyfreak Apprentice

I agree what is there now is fine.  If I'm watching TV and hear some suspicious noise it'd be nice to view the cameras from the Apple TV.  It would also be nice to get alerts on Apple TV, kind of how we get sports alerts on the Apple TV, when motion is detected on a local (not shared) Arlo camera.  If we click on the alert, it opens the Arlo TV app and goes to a live feed of that camera.

IDW Initiate
Hi - yes, the legacy Netgear App is pretty good. I watch live and would like library access.
One thing to fix - currently the screen saver is still enabled during play back, please could it be disabled when entering full screen