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I have an issue with my camera and motion. First of all, if you all have seen the "Motion Detection" tutorial, you notice when they are testing motion via app, the LED turns blue, is this true for everyone, mine is amber and/or broken??


Next, i have been trying to adjust the motion sensitivity to no avail. I have put it up to 100% down to 25% and same results. I am catching traffic on our street, definitely "well over" 15 ft. I can adjust the heck out of it and still picks up the cars. any ideas?  


One other thing that is bugging me is the delay on video and recording. When the camera does pick up motion  it is  almost to late as the person walking past our drive way is literately past camera. It catches the video late and can barely  see whom it is.


Any ideas would help. Newbie to this camera.

What I meant was, if the field of view of the motion detector and that of the camera could physically be adjusted independently. That would allow the motion sensor to be angled towards one area while the camera sees a wider area when triggered. Even better, have independent motion sensors (no integral camera) that can be used to trigger any camera.
However, the problem in my case was not realising that altering the sensativity in the settings did not actually change the sensativity. That had to be done in the mode menu. I suspect others have been caught out in the same way. I had changed the settings sensitivity down to 1%. The system works as I want it to now the Mode sensativity has been adjusted to 89%. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
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The best you can do with these cameras/sensors is to possibly mask the sensor so motion on the street, for instance, isn't detected.  The Q cameras use a pixel-based detection scheme which allows zones to be configured but they are for indoor use.  It could be possible to use them outdoors but you'd need to protect them from weather well.